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HDZero Freestyle VTX V2 Bundle (MicroV3 Camera)

HDZero Freestyle VTX V2 Bundle (MicroV3 Camera)

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The HDZero Freestyle V2 VTX is our 2nd generation 5.8GHz digital video transmitter which can be fitted into most 3-5-inch HD drones. All sockets are well protected by the CNC case that provides durability, RF shielding and improved signal integrity. A wire harness is included for solderless connection for power and MSP UART port. The antenna and MIPI cable are secured by the included retention bar and screws.

The VTX supports 720p60 ,1080p30, 540p60 and 540p90 video modes.

The VTX is capable of maximum 1W RF output at R1 channel if unlocked with license or approval from the local authorities.


Runcam Micro V3 HDZero camera is optimized for a 16:9 aspect ratio which matches the HDZero Goggle’s 16:9 display to offer the largest and sharpest picture available for the HDZero system. The large lens attached to this camera results in superior sharpness and contrast, reduced fish-eye effect, and excellent low-light performance.

Choose between 720p60 standard resolution mode and 1080p30 high resolution modes. The later option is best for slower flying where high resolution is prioritized over frame rate whereas the 720p60 mode is best for general freestyle flying.

Compared to Micro V2, the Micro V3 offers:

  • Native 16:9 without vignetting

  • Sharper optic and better low light performance

  • Improved dust resistance

 Mipi Cable: 120mm

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