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The Squirrel 3.5 frame-kit

The Squirrel 3.5 frame-kit

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After the success of the Quack we used the experience and knowledge gained to design a slightly easier to build frame that will hit the magic 250g while carrying a DJI O3.

We are aware that this frame is still not a piece of cake to build but in our humble opinion having a almost perfectly balanced rig that flies closer to a 5" than a 3" is well worth the hassle.

This kit includes:
- carbon parts
- full TPU
- 4 hexagonal M2 standoffs
- 4 countersunk screws M2 x 12mm (Torx 6)
- 8 countersunk screws M2 x 6mm (Torx 6)
- 6 self-tapping screws M2 x 6mm
- RubberQuads Lipo-Strap
- custom laser-cut Lipo-pads

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